GHI.MEC. is a workshop specialised in precision turning and milling, machining of stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum and other metals to provide complex details in small and medium dimension parts.

The workshop keep investing in modern machines to be able to create complex mechanical parts, providing flexibility and absolute control of the final product.

Over the years, we specialised improving our technologies and renewing our machines with lathes, sliding headstock CNC machine centers developing all the processes to grant high end quality to the products.

In the production we only use high quality and certified raw materials to comply with the needs of our customers.

Our primary goal is to achieve perfection and grant customer satisfaction by providing a complete service assuring precision, quality and on-time deliveries.

The workshop extends over an area of 3.000 square meter (700 indoor) and is located in Jerago con Orago, Varese (Italy).